Some internet safety guidelines would be, don't say things online you wouldn't in person, don't post embarrassing
photos, and keep in mind that anyone could see what you post online. These things are very important to remember for your safety and others. There are many more things to consider to so you may watch these videos to see these other guidelines: 


               Being safe online is simple! All you have to do is follow these ten tips!People can save whats said online, only say what you would  say in person, don't easily be exposed, tell and adult in a bad situation, let your parents know what your doing, don't message with people you don't know, don't expose your location, only use secure social networking sites,  keep computer noticeable and use common sense.
                Some ways to protect your identity are don't expose where you live, don't talk to strangers online and consider yours and others privacy. It is important to protect you and others because you never know who is behind the computer screen.
Mrs. Jorae
5/17/2012 21:52:10

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