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     When you edit a image, it is your responsibility to be responsible and create things that are appropriate. Not inappropriate images!!!! I personally think that photographers should NOT create images and make people believe things that are not true. Also, it is a form of cyber bullying.
        I noticed in the article about Dorothea Lange picture, the photographer used positioning to change the emotional effect of the photo. It said in the article that she positioned her kids so people couldn't see their happy faces.
         In the picture Creating Diversity for University of Wisconsin, they photo shopped a person into a picture of a football game. There wasn't even a reason for them to photo shop him in. Photo shopping someone into a photo isn't right because it changes the effect of the photo.          
          In the Pyramids with National Geographic photo they edited the pyramids in the photo to fit the cover of the magazine. Luckily, National Geographic stated the they will never use that software again and, will never make that mistake again. Also, in the Martha Stewart picture, they took many different photos from the past and pieced them all together because she couldn't take the picture while she was in jail.          
             The most ridiculous photo,  Dancing with Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, was very incorrect! The photo editor for this photo DEFIANTLY did NOT make the right choice when making this photo. This was disrespect toward the people in the photo and the people who support them. 
Mrs. Jorae
5/3/2012 10:58:59

Congratulations! You have earned $300 of virtual money for your layering image! Add this to your classroom spreadsheet and move on to the next activity!

Mrs. Jorae
5/17/2012 14:49:33

Congratulations! You have earned $200 of virtual classroom money for reflection and research! Add this to your classroom budget and move on to the next activity!


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