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    A blog is a news source where people can comment on and read what the blogger posts. Also, you can reflect your opinion on the things that you post. For example, you have a blog about sports, you reflect your opinion on sports. A blog can be a network. For example, if you have friends who blog about the same topic they could read, comment and link to your blog.
   Profile Penalty- What is not OK to put on your profile is things you don't want others to see. When you post things online EVERYONE can see them. Even colleges look at what you post online to see if you are a good student. Also, don't post things that are not appropriate. Like I said EVERYONE sees what you post.
      Social Networking- On a Social Network you should only be friends with people you know for your safety. Also, on the internet your not guaranteed to know who the person is. It is helpful to set your profile to private to protect you and lessen the chance of harassment. You should also watch what you post because people will judge you by what they see on your profile and many colleges will too. Also, people can use the things you post against you. Your parents should always know what you are doing online.  
        Information Travels- Never give any personal pictures or information to anybody because, it can end up with everyone having it. People have heard about people in other states getting personal information through messaging and the internet. People start conflicts over the internet.
       Online Gaming- In some online games you can interact with people and game with them. you have to be careful because there may be people you don't know and they try to interact with you. Also, with online gaming people interact negatively with you. For example, if you win the game you playing, people could start talking trash to you.
        Offline Consequences- To decide what to post online, just make sure you wouldn't regret it. Also, when you post something you regret it comes with consequences, for example, being embarrassed. Never post personal information online like address, phone number and other things like that. Another reason to watch what you put online is it could affect your future. Colleges you apply to will look at your online web presence.
      Cyberbullying- Cyberbullying is bullying someone online. People sending you mean messages or posting rumors about you are some examples. The only reason people cyberbully is to make them feel better about themselves. Also, people are afraid to say it to your face so they do it online. If you are ever cyberbullied always keep the evidence. Try to ignore it and if it doesn't go away show a trusted adult the evidence and get help.
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